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ImpoProof Two-Sided Positional Proofer

Partners Graphic offers the fastest positional proofing device available on the market today. The ImpoProof is two-sided "Positional Proofing System." ImpoProof has earned a reputation as the premier double-sided proofing solution in the world. The combination of Epson or Canon printer performance and a unique registration system has made the ImpoProof the industry leader in speed, quality, accuracy, and reliability. The system utilizes two printers along with a camera registration system. The roll of paper is fed into one printer, imaging the proof on one side of the rolled paper as well as imaging registration marks. Then, just prior to entering the second printer to image the other side of the proof, a camera registers the paper using the registration marks. The result is a very accurate back-to-back proof. The system comes in both 44" and 60" widths. Depending on the printer that is incorporated with the system, you can achieve a top-end speed of 20-25 eight-up flats per hour—two-sided!

Features of the ImpoProof

  • It Is Profitable - As a fully-automated solution, ImpoProof achieves an unmatched level of efficiency with the least amount of operator involvement. And the combination of pirinter's superior ink yield and a cost-effective list of certified papers guarantee the industry's lowest cost per double-sided proof.
  • It Is Accurate - The time-tested camera registration system has made the ImpoProof, without question, the industry leader in repeatability with a +/-1MM registration tolerance.
  • It is fast - You can achieve a minimum of 20 two-sided proofs per hour at 1200DPI. Faster output means faster ROI.
  • It Accepts a Wide Range of File Formats - ImpoProof's proprietary image processor module accepts the widest range of file formats. The onscreen preview of your form is a standard feature, which can reduce costly errors. The ink reduction and colour calibration features are integral to producing the highest quality proofs.

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