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Oris Colour Tuner

Oris Colour Tuner is the professional contract proof system of choice with inkjet printers. This complete proofing system combines colour management, high-speed output, and proofing-specific media.

CGS Publishing Technologies International

Winner of the GATF InterTech Award, Oris Colour Tuner was the first system of its kind to be certified by GRACoL SWOP, Fogra, Sicograf, PPA and eDAP. Other strengths—including superior spot colour handling, Hexachrome support, and colour accurate screendot proofing—all add up to make Oris Colour Tuner the most used colour proofing software on the market.

Oris Certified Suite—Colour Facts, Not Guesswork!


Industry standards are an essential part of our everyday life. The measurement of proof, monitor, or press sheets to those standards should be simple and fast. The answer is Oris Certified Suite, a modular, easy-to-use system for the quality control of hard-copy proofs, soft proofs, and printed sheets comprising:

  • ORIS Certified Proof
  • ORIS Certified Monitor
  • ORIS Certified Press

Colour bars for SWOP, Fogra, GRACoL, 3DAP or any other printing standard, including custom colours or even a single corporate colour, can be easily measured on any output and evaluated against the reference colours.

Oris Press Matcher

Oris Press Matcher uses the colour management technology of ORIS Colour Tuner to produce high-resolution files for your CTP system, digital press, wide-format printer, or any other device by matching the two colour spaces to each other. The result is standardized colour across multiple devices, bringing high-quality and consistent colour to all your printing projects.

Oris Ink Saver

Oris Ink Saver's automated process reduces the CMY component and replaces it with an optimized black channel to maintain visual appearance, but with significant savings in total ink consumption. This provides stable grey-axis control, faster drying, quicker make-ready, and less paper waste. Oris Ink Saver easily integrates with any pre-press workflow.

Oris Hybrid - Proofing

Oris Hybrid Proofing incorporates colour-accurate proofs for viewing on calibrated monitors and can be shared with comments using standard email.

Oris Flex Pack// Web System

Oris Flex Pack is a turnkey solution for flexible package proofing and mock-up production. A specifically designed interface for the Roland VersaCAMM VS series printers provides accurate colours to a wide range of different proofing media associated with flexible printing. The process is cost effective, easy to use, significantly larger printed colour space, use of metallic and white inks with print and cut functions makes this a very flexible system.

Oris X Gamut

Oris X Gamut is afully automatic colour management software for extended colour printing on digital and conventional presses. It enables printers to leverage the full gamut of the press and ink set so that spot colours and images are brilliantly repsoduced in all their detail.

Oris Media Factory - The Right Tool for the Job

A wide range of proofing paper and film is available. Some paper is manufactured to the specs that CGS establishes, and only this paper is manufactured for CGS customers. This provides the most consistent and predictable proofs on the market.


ONYX Graphics, Inc. helps companies improve their bottom line results by reducing printing costs and increasing productivity.

ONYX develops and markets colour management software and solutions for the digital sign marketplace. By combining colour science, image processing, and print production knowledge, ONYX delivers powerful, reliable printing workflow solutions. ONYX Advantage TM is a simple and cost-effective way for RIPCenter, PosterShop, and Production House users to maintain their software.

Latest Product Releases

  • Hottest New Printer Drivers*
  • PrintMetryx TM JobView Pro
  • An Additional Active Printer** (Upon Initial Purchase)
  • An Additional Active RIP** (Upon Initial Purchase)

With latest ONYX RIP products, users can build workflows for print-and-cut jobs more easily and quickly using Quick Sets for storing cutter parameters. They can save time and reduce production costs with unattended printing and automatic nesting of images. Users can also save time by eliminating the need to return to the design application to fix unwanted cut paths and manage multiple cutting styles in CUT-Server.